Top RC Hobby releases 2000MM ASW 28 Glider

Top RC Hobby releases 2000MM ASW 28 Glider

Top RC Hobby has officially released the 2000MM ASW 28 glider today.

The 2000mm ASW 28 glider is one of the most maneuverable, highest-performance glider from Top RC Hobby. It is also a high-level new product developed by Top RC Hobby that takes full advantage of its accumulated design experience and technical solutions for many years.

Top RC Hobby is confident that this ASW 28 glider will provide many model hobbyists with excellent flying experiences and endless funs.

Top RC Hobby releases 2000MM ASW 28 Glider

Highly scaled, Crash Resistant allows for aerobatic maneuvers easily.

As a high-scaled glider, the ASW 28 maintains the same dihedral angle as the real aircraft. The detachable winglets allows hobbyists to choose to attach or detach winglets according to personal preferences, allowing you to quickly experience one plane, two different flying funs. 

Meanwhile, ASW 28 adopts durable EPO materials and built-in multiple carbon tubes, which greatly improves the crash resistance. Hobbyists can easily control various aerobatic maneuvers, such as diving, rolling and etc. 

Using the up-to-date technology, quick assembly with no glue required

The main body of the fuselage has a built-in metal plug-in structure, using the latest integrated wire plug, no manual wiring, and no glue required for assembly, with just 6 screws, and the assembly can be completed quickly in about 2 minutes.

Three NAZA air inlets are located at the nose of the aircraft, and the large air outlet at the bottom of the fuselage effectively provides cooling for the motor, ESC, and battery.

Servo boxes and protective covers are designed to make servo maintenance convenient and to protect servos during landing.

There are three fiber hinges designed in the vertical tail to effectively prevent breakage during flight and landing.

A great power system makes flying more enjoyable.

ASW 28 adopts an outstanding power system, consisting of a 3542-850KV motor, 40A Hobbywing ESC, all-metal gear servos, efficient folded propellers, and functional flaps design, as well as the latest ball links technology, zero virtual positions with precision control, ensuring excellent gliding performances.

In addition, the ASW 28's large battery compartment allows 3-4S 2200-3300mAh batteries, and the flight time can be up to 10-15 minutes, giving you more time to enjoy flying.

More information about the product by clicking the following link.

Top RC Hobby releases 2000MM ASW 28 Glider

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