KDW280—The best choice for the beginner to fly the FPV racer

In this summer, TOP RC Hobby launch the latest FPV racer KDW280 to the market.

4 different color for your option, gorgeous& dazzling color will reflect the public individuality for the enthusiast.


KDW280 is a real RTF FPV racer, it is designed for the beginner. With the beautiful and concise look, easy to control and full configuration, our KDW280 can satisfy your demand and expectation for the FPV racer.


This body is configured with 21 different color LED lights, it will bring you dazzling vision experience. During the night flying, it will help to distinguish the head and tail part of the KDW280. The 2 red LED lights on the tail will show the current electric quantity and it has the function of low voltage alarm.


It is configured with high definition camera, the image resolution is 1092*1080. The camera system has the SD card port, on matter where you are , when you are dating with your lover or you enjoy the happy time with your best friends, our KDW280 will help you to record the happy time.


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